Dragonball Super Mythic MB-01 Booster Box

Dragonball Super Mythic MB-01 Booster Box

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Dragon Ball Super TCG Mythic Booster Box

The Mythic Booster is filled with rare and valuable reprints of cards from Promos, Draft Boxes, Expansions, Starter/Expert Decks, Theme Boosters, and pre-Unison Warrior Series boosters!

Each card is available in an original "reprint" version with the RE text, and a holo "parallel" version with NEW alternate-art and gold stamp! Even Common parallels have a gold stamp!

Packs changed to 8 cards at $4.99 to reflect the premium quality of this product! Each pack contains 2 holo cards!

Contains two SCR reprints!

The first Secret Rare reprints in DBSCG history!

Set Name: Mythic
Number of Cards:
Configuration: 24 Packs per box, 8 Cards per pack

* Common: 30 types(Normal or foil ver.),
* Uncommon: 15 types(Normal or foil ver.)
* Rare: 9 types
* Super Rare: 7 types
* Secret Rare: 2 type

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